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Last year, The Rising Tide Local Business Platform & Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) conceptualised a novel project, whereby the Digital Marketing Students would be allocated one of the (Rising Tide) business members to promote, over a period of 60 hours, as part of their work experience curriculum.
It’s been a while since we updated you, our Constant Engagers…but the Entrepreneurial Journey is never easy! We’ve had a few slings & arrows sent our way, since last December. We’re still tipping away, but, as you can gather not with the same freedom prior to December.
Wishing you all the best for 2023! Who’s ready to rock, then? Since November last we’ve been investigating ways to pivot the business. We have plenty of ideas about how to do so & we’re slowly (but surely) formulating the best strategy.
We obtained the sixth business willing to take part in our novel & inspiring project, The Local Business Rising’ Project. As you know this project will provide six students from The Marketing School at Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) to promote six Rising Tide businesses, forming part of the student’s Work Experience curriculum.
We are delighted to announce that our long-awaited project with the students of The Marketing School of Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) is really gathering momentum.
Last week was one of those weeks were a crossroads in the business was reached. It came unexpectedly & certainly it was out of our control.
We finally got 2/3 projects for I Monelli Authentic Italian Restaurant, Portobello, completed. It’s fair to say that Ivano was delighted with our output: . . .
As promised in our latest news article (‘Back in the Game!’), we are here to tell you who the new addition to The Rising Tide Local Business Platform is: Drumroll please!!! ….
This increase in our energy levels was evidenced by our Social Media interactions, especially on Instagram (23 posts). Our posts have contributed to the 2.5% increase in the number of our followers (1,072 followers, now)….
This is your latest briefing on the actions, observations and results obtained from the previous week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses.And I wish there would be more highlights to report than the one’s we’ll mention below!
Last weekend saw us hosting our second Rising Tide Event. This time, it was held in the ‘Here!’ Student Accommodation Hub, Cork Street, Dublin 8. (Thanks, Damien!)
We continue to prepare for our event, NEXT SATURDAY in ‘Here!’ Student Accommodation hub, Cork Street. We’ve two of our client businesses confirmed & hopefully, we’ll confirm a couple more prior to the weekend. …
Progress across the week was stunted, despite our consistent efforts. Avenues for onboarding new businesses, chasing payments, receiving prompt feedback and / or responses, and even the weather, seemed to have a gravitational pull on one’s momentum! . . .
On Saturday, November 5th, we will be holding our next Rising Tide Event at Here! Cork Street, Student Accommodation hub (formerly ‘From Here!’).. . .
From a Social Media perspective, our Fur Reel Project continues to yield positive results week on week: . . .
In order to do this, we started to create mini-adverts (regularly promoting our local businesses) that were fun (most important!), positive & engaging. We playfully called this strategy: ‘Fur Reel’. . .
From a foodie perspective we had the award winning Italian chef, Ivano & his team from I Monelli Authentic Italian Restaurant and Angie & her team from United Eats. Angie…
Last week (& this!) was (& will be!) all about preparation. Preparation for the first official exhibition of Rising Tide Local Business Clients to a significant cohort of people. . . ..
Last week was all about the impact our latest online strategy, ‘Fur Reel’, is having on increasing our online exposure and presence.. . .
We continued to distribute marketing materials on behalf of our clients including: Easy Del Courier Services, Coba Chicken . . .
This is your latest briefing detailing the actions, observations and results from the previous week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses.
We’re delighted to inform you that the fourth business to join our community last week was: YALLA Lebanese Restaurant on Main Street, Dundrum. Ali, the owner, is a young entrepreneur, …
Being Constant Engagers, ye already know that for the month of August we adjusted our strategy somewhat in preparation of the introduction of The Rising Tide Local Business Platform into the Work Experience. . .
A slow Tuesday (after the bank holiday) finished with a lightening bolt of positivity that had taken almost a year in the preparation!
In order to mitigate our lack of physical presence around the Southside of Dublin, we ran a paid promotion through Instagram (our favourite Social Media channel) celebrating our milestone of 1,000 followers achieved.
It was the peak of the summer in Ireland last week (really, it was) & the weather was exceptional (warm & clammy) but we kept plugging away!
I’m delighted to say the creative juices were flowing last week & it was in no small part due to the fabulous work of Anne, from PrintSave Ireland.
That’s not to say that we were slacking on our energy levels nor efforts in our other aspects of promotion…but that a certain spontaneity was missing
Last week was all about the swings & roundabouts of entrepreneurship. Let’s just say it tested the resolve of this entrepreneur…and continues to do so!
I ate one of the most delicious, juicy, scrumptious burgers I’ve ever had! No joke! The Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese from United Eats (off the Greenhills Road) was something to behold…Thanks, Angie!!!
Last week, we distributed many menus, as always in a targeted manner, on behalf of : Victoria’s Takeaway, Crumlin Village, I Monelli Authentic Italian Restaurant, Portobello. . .
Last week saw our latest paid promotions conclude. One promotion was a straight forward advert on behalf of Life in Motion Bike & Coffeeshop, Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6W.
We brought another new business onto the platform. Amaya Fusion is a top rated Indian Restaurant based in Rathfarnham, Dublin 14. They use premium quality meat in their dishes & all spices are created in-house! Some like it hot, after all.
Firstly, we received a glowing testimonial: ‘sales have definitely increased’ from the staff at D18 Restaurant, since they came aboard The Rising Tide Local Business Platform.
Last week, our output through Social Media was not as frequent as we would’ve liked. But this does not mean we weren’t busy promoting our business clients & making opportunities happen on their behalf…
Firstly, we are delighted to disclose, in full (!), the names of the new business members to join our platform!
Here’s your latest weekly news article detailing the highlights from last week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses.
Over the last week, we continue to promote our clients with vigour incl. the distribution of the FreshPoint Pricelist, extensive Social Media posts & a paid promotion post encouraging Dublin’s Citizens to ‘Keep it Local!’
Last week saw my first (kinda full) week (notwithstanding the bank holiday Monday) out delivering office supplies to offices, residences & good aul bricks & mortar shops across South Dublin.
After 2.5 years working in the Dublin Fruit Markets, with FreshPoint, I have joined Hunt Office Technology Ltd.
Our latest paid promotion on behalf of Slide Glide Dublin (bespoke storage solutions), Longmile Road, Dublin 12. We specifically targeted Dublin’s women between the ages of 30 to 65.
Here’s your latest installment of the development & growth of The Rising Tide Local Business Platform: a platform designed to support local Dublin businesses through using the full spectrum of marketing techniques.
The primary objective for the partnership between The Rising Tide Local Business Platform & ICOT Language School is to…


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