A Mean Clean with The Personal Touch!
A Mean Clean with The Personal Touch!
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A Mean Clean with The Personal Touch!
Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 
Here’s your latest briefing on the actions, observations & results from last week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses. 
Last week saw our latest paid promotions conclude. One promotion was a straight forward advert on behalf of Life in Motion Bike & Coffeeshop, Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6W. The second was a quirky food challenge where we presented 5 examples of dishes from 5 of our foodie based clients! 
Numbers as follows: 
Life in Motion Advert
Reach: 5,618
Likes: 36
Profile Activity: 176
Profile Visits: 155
Ad Taps: 174
Duration: 4 days 
Impressions: 9,152
Follows: 20 
Foodie Challenge: 
Reach: 3,802
Likes: 8
Profile / Website Activity: 44 / 25
Ad Taps: 42
Duration: 3 days 
Impressions: 5,134
Profile Visits: 19
So, from the results above, we can see, eventhough the as ran for a day more, the Life in Motion Advert performed so much better than the Foodie Challenge advert. 
We continued to distribute marketing materials on behalf of: 
United Eats
D18 Restaurant
I Monelli Restaurant
Amaya Fusion Restaurant
We received testimonial from Ben at D18 Restaurant that they had received a super large order recently, as a direct result of our distribution activities. Boom! 
Last Saturday, I spent with Brandon & Leigh aka The Mean Clean Team. It’s fair to say, my van is like new. Brand new! Mean Clean do indeed provide ‘a mean clean…with the personal touch!’
You just gotta love young entrepreneurs!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Until next week,
Kindest Regards,
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The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
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I ate one of the most delicious, juicy, scrumptious burgers I’ve ever had! No joke! The Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese from United Eats (off the Greenhills Road) was something to behold…Thanks, Angie!!!

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Last week, we distributed many menus, as always in a targeted manner, on behalf of : Victoria’s Takeaway, Crumlin Village, I Monelli Authentic Italian Restaurant, Portobello. . .

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We brought another new business onto the platform. Amaya Fusion is a top rated Indian Restaurant based in Rathfarnham, Dublin 14. They use premium quality meat in their dishes & all spices are created in-house! Some like it hot, after all.