Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 
This is your latest briefing on the actions, observations and results obtained from the previous week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses.
And I wish there would be more highlights to report than the one’s we’ll mention below! 
Last week was a very valuable learning experience, however. 
Last week I discovered the importance of balance. Life Balance. Work / Life Balance. Work / Life / Creativity Balance. 
After 2.5 years operating The Rising Tide Local Business Platform on a daily basis, (non-stop) juggling so many balls in the air…my body (& moreso my creative mind) told me that I needed to take the foot off the accelerator. 
It was time to slow the pace. My creative juices had gone into the ‘Empty-tank Red’ & my batteries needed a slow recharge. 
Social Media posts were put to one side. My camera phone was closed to the public! My real-time opportunity radar was placed in sleep(-ish) mode. (That’s never fully off!)
All of the above composed part of the Recharge Experience. 
Come Friday last, I finally felt the murmurs of creative inspiration starting to bubble up again …and these murmurings are continuing to grow! 
(I’m not myself when I’m not inspired nor creating).
Having spoken of these ‘Creative Entrepreneurial Struggles!’, this does not mean that our promotions completely ceased. 
FreshPoint pricelist’s continued to be distributed to cafes, restaurants & catering companies alike, and our work on the online I Monelli Authentic Italian Restaurant menus moved close to completion. 
We will be cracking on with our forthcoming project with Inchicore College of Further Education next week, with gusto! 
In summary, sometimes you have to listen to the voice from within. This is the most important voice to listen to. To ignore it would’ve been folly for all concerned. 
Another indication is by looking in the mirror. I hadn’t  managed to shave throughout the whole week…
….(I have now, though!)
Until next week…
Kindest Regards,
Ph: 0863794173 
The Rising Tide Local Business Platform

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