The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
a year in the making!
What a boost!
Inchicore College of Further Education

(a year in the making!) 

Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers!
This is your latest briefing detailing the actions, observations & results from last week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses….
A slow Tuesday (after the bank holiday) finished with a lightening bolt of positivity that had taken almost a year in the preparation! 
An email dropped into my inbox from one of Dublin’s largest & probably most significant Student Accommodation hubs. The email provided the opportunity for the students coming to stay in The Big Smoke to be introduced to our Rising Tide’s Local Business members! 
What a boost! 
This opportunity will afford our Platform Members exposure to potentially over 3,000 students (based in 8 hubs across the City) from mid to late September. 
We are presently working with the Office Supervisor from the main hub on getting the ‘Check-In Day’ extravaganza organised. 
Needless to say, our Platform Members are greatly excited, at this news! 
(Thanks so much, Megan!)
Meanwhile, keeping The Main Thing, the main thing, we have almost completed our latest recruitment push for new local business members. 
We can confirm that a minimum of 3 new businesses will be coming onboard our platform….with others waiting in the wings! 
Get ready students of Inchicore College of Further Education! These new businesses will play an integral role in your forthcoming marketing curriculum…
Until next week, guys! 
Kindest Regards,
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The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
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Work Placement Success!

Work Placement Success!

Last year, The Rising Tide Local Business Platform & Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) conceptualised a novel project, whereby the Digital Marketing Students would be allocated one of the (Rising Tide) business members to promote, over a period of 60 hours, as part of their work experience curriculum.

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It’s been a while since we updated you, our Constant Engagers…but the Entrepreneurial Journey is never easy!

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Through the Fog!

Wishing you all the best for 2023!
Who’s ready to rock, then?
Since November last we’ve been investigating ways to pivot the business. We have plenty of ideas about how to do so & we’re slowly (but surely) formulating the best strategy.