The Rising Tide Business Platform

‘Championing Dublin’s Business Community’
Welcome to The Rising Tide Business Platform & Community, folks.
As the old saying goes; ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’.
Our mission is to provide the platform which encourages ‘Community-Spirit’ amongst Dublin’s Business Community in order to give our SME’s the best chance of survival from the turmoil of the Lockdown, to remove uncertainty from their future and ultimately for the benefit of Our City and it’s citizens.
There has never been a more important time for Dublin’s businesses to work together and to support each-other.
We, at The Rising Tide, will promote our member businesses through Dublin’s streets (broad and narrow!), through our online channels with personality, professionalism and creative promotions. We will be the ‘boots on the ground’ for our member businesses. We will be busy-out promoting our clients, whilst our business owners are toiling behind the shop-counters (or in the office spaces / homes!) tending to their customers’ needs.
We ask all Dubliners, to get behind our local businesses. Large and small. Visit them, support them in any way you can, whenever you can. Variety is the spice of life, after all!
We’ll work with our member businesses to get you, our fellow Dubs, the best deals possible and together we’ll drive Dublin forward. We have the energy. We have the determination. We have the ‘Coffee + Shoe-leather’!
Let’s do this!
Atha Cliath Abu
Work Placement Success!

Work Placement Success!

Last year, The Rising Tide Local Business Platform & Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) conceptualised a novel project, whereby the Digital Marketing Students would be allocated one of the (Rising Tide) business members to promote, over a period of 60 hours, as part of their work experience curriculum.

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Extra, extra! Read All About It!

Extra, extra! Read All About It!

It’s been a while since we updated you, our Constant Engagers…but the Entrepreneurial Journey is never easy!

We’ve had a few slings & arrows sent our way, since last December. We’re still tipping away, but, as you can gather not with the same freedom prior to December.

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Through the Fog

Through the Fog!

Wishing you all the best for 2023!
Who’s ready to rock, then?
Since November last we’ve been investigating ways to pivot the business. We have plenty of ideas about how to do so & we’re slowly (but surely) formulating the best strategy.

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The Sumaki Sushi Six

The Sumaki Sushi Six!

We obtained the sixth business willing to take part in our novel & inspiring project, The Local Business Rising’ Project.

As you know this project will provide six students from The Marketing School at Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) to promote six Rising Tide businesses, forming part of the student’s Work Experience curriculum.

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The Rising Tide Local Business Platform

Time To Pivot?

Last week was one of those weeks were a crossroads in the business was reached. It came unexpectedly & certainly it was out of our control.

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The Back Shop

The Big Reveal!

As promised in our latest news article (‘Back in the Game!’), we are here to tell you who the new addition to The Rising Tide Local Business Platform is:
Drumroll please!!! ….

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Back in the game

BACK in the Game!

This increase in our energy levels was evidenced by our Social Media interactions, especially on Instagram (23 posts). Our posts have contributed to the 2.5% increase in the number of our followers (1,072 followers, now)….

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This is your latest briefing on the actions, observations and results obtained from the previous week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses.And I wish there would be more highlights to report than the one’s we’ll mention below!

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