Coming Through Covid

Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 

This post has a slightly different take from our regular weekly installment detailing the actions, observations &  results from promoting Dublin’s local business community and delivering fruit & veg across the city, in tandem.
Not least because it’s late in the publishing. But mostly because I’m finally seeing the back of Covid 19. 
The best way to describe my experience with Covid is that it’s like a cocktail of random flu symptoms – each vying for symptomatic supremecy from day to day. Like a strange game of in vitro Snakes and Ladders! From symptoms like extreme tiredness, temperature / fever & runny nose through to nausea, lack of smell and good old fashioned chest infection. 
Thankfully no symptom mentioned got a significant foothold & I’ll hopefully be back to full health by midweek. 
Thank you Netflix for passing the time with me! 
Meanwhile, like any creative entrepreneur, I’m already making strategic plans for assisting Dublin’s local businesses through what promises to be a very difficult 2022.
A very special mention to our cherished business clients (in no particular order!): 
1. Lisa from Slide Glide Dublin (Ultimate Storage Solutions)
2. Bianca & Alex from Bounceback Cafe
3. Ivano the Chef at I Monelli Authentic Italian Restaurant
4. Pedro & Team at Life in Motion, bike shop
5. Colm & Team at Aquafilter Warehouse
6. Nourdeen at Wok Inn Noodle Bar
7. Florin at Dublin Web Design
8. Ian & Team at PrintSave Ireland
9. Andi Willig at A. Design (graphic designer extraordinair)
10. Sally at Fitzgerald’s Bar
11. Brandon at Mean Clean Car Valeting Service
12. Amina at Bulfin Bakery, Inchicore
13. Nick at EA SYMMONS, kitchenware wholesaler
14. Jonathan & Team at Crumlin Windows & Doors 
Until our next publication, guys! Take care!
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