Good Things Come

. . .to those who wait!
Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers!
This is our latest news article, detailing the actions, observations & results from the past week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses.
  1. Our latest paid promotion on behalf of Slide Glide Dublin (bespoke storage solutions), Longmile Road, Dublin 12. We specifically targeted Dublin’s women between the ages of 30 to 65. Afterall, it is they who hold the family home’s purse-strings! (It’s true, lads!)

Our promotion yielded the following numbers:
People Reached: 4,500+
Ad Taps: 53
Duration: 7 days
Profile Visits: 7
Solid Leads: 1

  1. ‘Amazing, amazing, amazing!’
This is a direct quote from Ivano, the award winning chef & owner of I Monelli Authentic Italian Restaurant, Portobello, upon receiving the new gift vouchers which we, at The Rising Tide Local Business Platform designed & PrintSave Ireland brought to life!
These are the reactions EVERY ENTREPRENEUR wish to see in their clients / customers!
  1. ICOT LANGUAGE SCHOOL will get to work on promoting The Rising Tide Local Business Platform to their extensive network of over 800 students & staff, this week!
Students will be encouraged to download The Rising Tide Card, place it on their phones, and show it in our local business client businesses in order to avail of special discounts or treats. (Easy Peezey!)
We love to create ‘win : win’ situations to benefit all parties, both customers & businesses, alike!
Best of luck, Andre & Giselle! 🔥🔥🔥
  1. Unfortunately, our innovative partnership project with Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE), failed to ignite….for now!
We simply started the project too late in the academic year. However, ALL IS NOT LOST!
We are making plans to embed The Rising Tide Project officially into next year’s Work Experience Curriculum. This development is so exciting! I will work throughout the summer to ensure both the ICFE students & our local businesses will gain significant benefits from this proposed year long, undertaking.
You see; ‘good things come to those who wait!’
Until next week ….HUGE NEWS ON THE WAY! 
Kindest Regards,
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The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
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Work Placement Success!

Work Placement Success!

Last year, The Rising Tide Local Business Platform & Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) conceptualised a novel project, whereby the Digital Marketing Students would be allocated one of the (Rising Tide) business members to promote, over a period of 60 hours, as part of their work experience curriculum.

Extra, extra! Read All About It!

Extra, extra! Read All About It!

It’s been a while since we updated you, our Constant Engagers…but the Entrepreneurial Journey is never easy!

We’ve had a few slings & arrows sent our way, since last December. We’re still tipping away, but, as you can gather not with the same freedom prior to December.

Through the Fog

Through the Fog!

Wishing you all the best for 2023!
Who’s ready to rock, then?
Since November last we’ve been investigating ways to pivot the business. We have plenty of ideas about how to do so & we’re slowly (but surely) formulating the best strategy.