Highlights from Promoting Dublin’s Local Business (W/C: 13.06.21)

The last two weeks have been the continuation of the period of adjustment / choppy waters (pun intended!), we at The Rising Tide Dublin have been experiencing since Colm took a step back from the project.
Also contributing to the sea-sickness is the fact that the services industry has reopened for outdoor dining across Dublin, leading to busier (& more tiresome) days in the Dublin Fruit Markets. Each day’s fruit & veg orders are starting to resemble those prior to Covid. Tuesdays & Wednesdays not being as busy as Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. There appears to be a levelling off now in the sizes of the orders, since the peak chaos at the start of June. 
We continue to post with vigour on Social Media. Alfie, my new puppy, is becoming a Rising Tide star in his own right …he may actually need his own dedicated channel! We are close to achieving 500 followers. 
Our LinkedIn post detailing our Successes from Year #1 has gleaned nearly 1000 views – a record!
We did get time to do some proper door-stepping on behalf of Pen Tower, Chinese Takeaway, Rialto….and that felt good. There’s a fun intrigue about door-stepping. One chap offered me some ‘advise’ on how to conveniently get rid of my Pen Tower menus…’but how can that benefit Pen Tower & therefore, me ???’ 
Our ethos is that ‘success’ for our  business clients’ is also OUR SUCCESS! We strive for this daily.
We continue to encourage 20 visits to the website a day.
I’m delighted to update you that one of our main projects for Year #2 is continuing to build. It’s a slow burner, but hey! 
Our new flyers are ready for collection from PrintSave Ireland, Bluebell, Dublin 12…watch out for them across Dublin’s newsagents …
Until next time,
Kindest Regards,
The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
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