The ‘Rising Tide’ Platform

The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

What is the ‘Rising Tide’ Platform?

  • The ’Rising Tide’ Platform is a new B2B promotion platform, dedicated to Dublin’s SME community, designed to help them recover, safely, post Covid-19 and adjust to the changing commercial landscape.
  • We will let Dublin’s citizens know that your business is indeed: ‘Open for Business’! We will also facilitate special discounts element to incentivise Dubliners to ‘shop local’.
  • The Rising Tide will be a localised ‘LinkedIn’ platform with a ‘Groupon’ attitude!
  • The Rising Tide Platform has the very survival of Dublin’s businesses at heart.

  • We will operate on a Membership Economy* business model.

  • Our members will pay a monthly fee, through direct debit, which will guarantee ROI and ensures ‘member for life’ status.

How It Works

  • Our mission is simple
  • Dublin is ready for business.
  • We let Dubliner’s know that your business is indeed ‘Open for Business!’
  • We represent YOU and YOUR business and become a vital part of your Sales + Marketing Team!

Why Choose Us?

Through ‘The Rising Tide Platform’ we will:

  • Promote local businesses through creativity, making connections and our fun personality
  • Foster lasting B2B collaborations between our member businesses
  • Remove the uncertainty from the future-outlook for Dublin’s businesses
  • Forge a ‘Community-Spirit’ ethos to encourage commercial recovery for all our members
  • Discuss issues and gain advise through our peer-led forums

The Customer Journey:

  1. Sign Up! Simply send us a .pdf file of your business logo and you’re in!
  2. We will start to promote your business, immediately! We will use the full marketing arsenal at our disposal including ‘talking’ / engaging with people! (Imagine that!!!)
  3. We will foster new, long-lasting B2B collaborations between our members – a ‘win:win’ for everyone!
  4. We want to hear your success stories! (We do not simply place your business on our platform – we bring the energy for promotion).
  5. Before you know it, you’ll be a ‘member for life!’

The Membership Economy*

you will always have access to us!

rather than one big bill
Iterative Pricing

always building B2B relationships

not simply one way!
Multi-directional Communication

Membership Costs:

The Boyers Package
(Prices are ex VAT)

 €100 per month (direct debit)

(Prices are ex VAT)

€300 per month (direct debit)

THE Clerys Package
(Prices are ex VAT)

€500 per month (direct debit)