The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
Inchicore College of Further Education
Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers!
Here is your latest briefing on the actions, observations and results from the previous week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses. 
If you remember correctly our previous article was about the frustrations of working on plenty (of projects) but making minimal progress. 
I’m delighted to inform you that some of those items have since gathered traction. 
We continue to prepare for our event, NEXT SATURDAY in ‘Here!’ Student Accommodation hub, Cork Street. We’ve two of our client businesses confirmed & hopefully, we’ll confirm a couple more prior to the weekend. 
Last Wednesday, we gave a presentation to the First Year Marketing Students of Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE). It’s fair to say we got a good reception from the students, especially with receiving significant interest in getting Work Experience from our client businesses for them. 
This pioneering Rising Tide Student Project will emphasise the real-life importance of supporting local Dublin businesses to young people. 
We hope to get this project off the ground very soon! 
For business owners who would like to learn some key metrics from The Rising Tide Local Business Platform please see below: 
1. Daily visits: ~ 20 per day 
2. Rising Tide Card: ~ 500 downloads 
3. Business Clients: 20 businesses 
1. Posts: ~ 5 per day 
2. Reach: ~ 6,000 accounts per month 
3. Engagements: ~ 250 per month 
4. Followers: ~ 1,050
1. Post Views: ~ 400 views per post 
1. Over 40 businesses acquired for FreshPoint
2. New business clients acquired for United Eats, Victoria’s Takeaway
3. ROI achieved for Laptop Labs, Easy Del Courier Services 
….for even more details about coming onboard our platform, please get in touch! Details below! 
Until next week:
Kindest Regards,
Ph: 0863794173
The Rising Tide Local Business Platform

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