My Nutrifitness Life, aka Linda Palacios

From the very conception of The Rising Tide Business Platform, a young, energetic entrepreneur like Linda Palacios aka My Nutrifitness Life, was exactly the type of person (and service offering) required for our platform.
The objective for The Rising Tide Business Platform is to help local businesses and Dublin’s Working Citizens overcome the ‘bump in the road’ that is COVID 19 and to adjust to the new working environment thrust upon us all.
The new ‘working from home’ regime has been in affect for almost six months now, with no end in sight. Like all things novel, there is a period of adjustment and associated pros and cons. The pros for working from home include, a negligible commute, the weather has little or no impact on mood and coffee is on tap all through the day.
Conversely, there is a creeping feeling of ‘no escape from the workplace, being always reachable and yet an inability to reach a colleague with a pressing, immediate spitballing requirement. There’s certainly no water cooler chats to be had.
And these chats are missed. Especially, when your new work colleagues appear to have a striking resemblance to your offspring!
This is why, Linda Palacios with her experience and expertise in nutrition, weight loss and personal training (specifically for females) is such a valuable addition to our Rising Tide Business Platform and we are delighted to introduce her to you…
According to the Central Statistics Office, almost 20% of people complain of inadequate seating arrangements or work equipment at home. Almost half of females surveyed have put on weight. More than 20% of respondents have declared being very or extremely concerned about their health in June 2020.

My Nutrifitness Life

The Vision: Taking control of our lives, connecting with our femininity to help us to truly get to know ourselves and have the body and mindset that works best for us as women, generating changes that are sustainable over time.
The Plan: A training program and diet based on female physiology and tailored specifically to the unique needs of each client to achieve long-lasting results.

My Story

My name is Linda and my passion is fitness. I have played sports from an early age, but like many women I have faced the challenges of hormonal and weight problems. In 2013 I suffered a back injury that forced me to stop playing sports and as a result, in the years that followed I gained a lot of weight.
It was in 2017 while trying on a dress for a friend’s wedding when I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, I decided that I needed to make some real changes. I started by joining a gym but initially I kept mainly to cardio exercises as it was all that I knew. . Alongside my new gym routine I began to read every book that I could find about fitness and nutrition. This reignited my passion for physical activity and I discovered anew interest in nutrition and women’s physiology.Not only have I lost weight, I have also managed to re-balance my hormones, improve my body composition ( more muscle less fat) and increase my energy levels.
Having embraced these changes and through experiencing all of the benefits they have brought to my own life, I realised that if I can do this, other women can too. This is what led me to become a Personal Trainer. I truly believe that we as women can take control of our bodies to achieve changes that are sustainable over time and I would love to help YOU to achieve this.


Free consultation
  • Single session €35
  • 10 x '1-1 personal training sessions per month' €175 a month
  • 10 x 'online personal training sessions per month' €125 a month
  • 5 x '1-1 + 5 online training sessions per month' €150 a month
*all bundles offer a diet plan based on women biology that can be adapted to your tastes and lifestyle, weekly measurements and program tweaking, access to me via text or email Mon-Fri.

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