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Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 
Here’s your latest briefing on the activities , observations & results accrued from last week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses! 
Firstly, we received a glowing testimonial: ‘sales have definitely increased’ from the staff at D18 Restaurant, since they came aboard The Rising Tide Local Business Platform.
We sampled (again!) the wonderfully traditional chips from Victoria’s Takeaway in Crumlin Village. Delicious!!! 
We ran an organic Social Media campaign detailing the ‘Positivity of The Rising Tide’. Through this campaign we achieved over 300 engagements …but unfortunately very few additional followers. The conclusion to be taken from this work, recommends that a degree of ‘sponsorship’ is placed behind each post! 
This ‘positivity’ exercise has also provided the inspiration for our next Rising Tide Flyer campaign. 
Entrepreneurship is about seeing additional opportunities in everything one does! 
If you’d like to view our ‘Positivity of The Rising Tide ‘ Campaign, follow us on Instagram at @Rising_Tide_Dublin…you will see we try to be as positive, creative & silly whilst promoting Local Dublin Businesses on a daily basis! 
We will be putting the systems in place for our forthcoming & amazing Work Experience Partnership with Inchicore College of Further Education, this week. 
We also have a few more exciting ‘irons in the fire’ so stay tuned, guys! 
Until next week!
Kindest Regards,
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The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
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