The Big Reveal!

The Back Shop
Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 
As promised in our last news article (‘Back in the Game!’), we are here to tell you who the new addition to The Rising Tide Local Business Platform is: 
Drumroll please!!!
The Back Shop, 12 Redmond’s Hill, Aungier St. Dublin 2. (D02YK19)
The Back Shop is the place to go if you (or a loved one) is suffering silently (or not so silently) through the excruciating infliction of back pain. 
Alternatively, if you’re a business owner, seeking to help your staff ergonomically, thus keeping sick days down & performance levels optimised, then Sean from The Back Shop is the man to consult. 
You may get Sean on this number: (01) 6712161. The Back Shop will provide solutions to those suffering with back pain and those looking to prevent it, too.
But why dedicate a full article to this onboarding (and not the others)? 
There’s a lesson for entrepreneurs here!
Approximately two years ago, in the infant stages of developing The Rising Tide Local Business Platform, I met with Sean, at The Back Shop (then located in Wicklow Street), with a view to onboarding his business. 
‘Come back in a few months’, he said and he wished me well on my new venture. 
Between the jigs & reels of setting up the business platform, our paths didn’t cross ….until last Friday. I paid The Back Shop a visit, as my elderly dad was looking for a back support for his lower back whilst sitting at the computer at home. 
Thankfully, Sean had what’s known as a coccyx cushion in stock. We got chatting. He remembered this young (!) entrepreneur &  The Rising Tide Platform (from two years previous)….and he came onboard the platform without hesitation, this time! 
So, for all entrepreneurs, remember, ‘good things come to those who wait!’ 
Until next week,
Kindest Regards,
Ph: 0863794173
The Rising Tide Local Business Platform

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