The Fantastic Four(th)!

The Fantastic Four(th)!
The Fantastic Four(th)!
The Fantastic Four(th)!
The Fantastic Four(th)!
Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 
This is your latest briefing on the actions, observations & results from the previous week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses….and what a week it was! 
Being Constant Engagers, ye already know that for the month of August we adjusted our strategy somewhat in preparation of the introduction of The Rising Tide Local Business Platform into the Work Experience Curriculum for next semester’s Marketing School students at Inchicore College of Further Education.
We increased our efforts to bring in new businesses onto our platform, prior to a (soft) moratorium on further new business acquisitions.
Please note: ‘a soft moratorium!’ …it’s liable to change!!!
It’s our intention from September onwards to dedicate full attention & guidance to the aforementioned students in order to develop their skills as pro-active, positive, ‘boots on the ground’ marketeers. 
This strategy will ensure our member businesses will gain maximum exposure & promotion as we grow our team exponentially. 
And with this in mind, we are delighted to introduce to you the newest members of The Rising Tide Local Business Platform and indeed how they can help YOUR BUSINESSES, accordingly. 
1. Easy Del Courier Services
A fleet of 15 vans who guarantee swift, efficient delivery of your parcels (etc.) 6 days a week.
Contact: Ken +353 858008218
2. Clean All Over
Industrial & Commercial Building Cleaning 
High Level, Multi-storey Window Cleaning 
Pest Control
Hand Sanitizer Vendors
Contact: Sean 0872694455
3. Digi-Care Mobile Phone Sales & Services*
For all your mobile needs & repairs in Kimmage
Contact: Lex 0894833975
*Dedicated 10% off all sales or repairs when you mention The Rising Tide Local Business Platform.
….and just to keep you in suspense regarding our Fantastic Fourth business, please keep an eye out for details on our platform, itself! 
Until next week, folks!
Kindest Regards,
Ph: 0863794173 
The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
Follow us on Instagram at @Rising_Tide_Dublin for daily updates! 

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