The Rising Tide Dublin
I Monelli Authentic Italian Restaurant, Portobello, Dublin 8
Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 
This is your weekly briefing on the actions, observations and results from the previous week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses. 
And ……’the results are in!’ 
At the start of September we undertook a novel online strategy to boost engagement with our Instagram Platform: @Rising_Tide_Dublin . 
In order to do this, we started to create mini-adverts (regularly promoting our local businesses) that were fun (most important!), positive & engaging. We playfully called this strategy: ‘Fur Reel’. 
During the month of September our Instagram Platform reached 16.8K accounts, an increase of: 279%. Engagements have increased by 110% to over 350 last month and followers have increased by 1.4% to 1,040. All of the above achieved completely organically!
We are currently planning to expand & improve on these figures in October. You will visit & hopefully follow our Instagram Channel at @Rising_Tide_Dublin soon! 
We’re confident you’ll find the content within the gallery fun, creative & positive.  
We also learned last week that we have achieved over 7K visitors to our website in the last year. This figure is almost 30% higher than the previous year.
Our unique discount card, to be shown in our local business client’s premises is just two downloads short of 500 downloads. You may download our unique card here:
In summary, our strategy for growing our online presence (without spending a fortune) has been given a great boost. Throughout October we will attempt to build on it & develop it further. 
Our online strategy is still highly dependent on our unique ‘boots on the ground’ methods in marketing, too. This element provides (at times!) interesting, engaging & spontaneous online content & so they go hand in hand together. 
Thanks for your continued support, guys! 
Until next week…
Kindest Regards, 
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The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
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