Through the Fog!

Through the Fog
Rising Tide Local Business Platform
Fur Reel !

Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 

Wishing you all the best for 2023! 
Who’s ready to rock, then? 
Since November last we’ve been investigating ways to pivot the business. We have plenty of ideas about how to do so & we’re slowly (but surely) formulating the best strategy. 
The remit of this pivot will be the same as our pre-pivot strategy: ‘to get people through the doors (in reality or virtually) of our client businesses’. 
When we keep it simple, we’ll get the best results! 
Things to look forward from The Rising Tide (Local) Business Platform in 2023: 
  1. Twitter – we’re gonna engage much more in ‘The Public Square’ …what could possibly go wrong???
  2. The Local Business Rising Project, inconjunction with Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE). This is an innovative, ground-breaking project which promises to be so much fun! In a nut-shell, six marketing students will promote six Rising Tide Platform business members for 60 hours, between now & April.
  3. Our weekly progress briefings will continue.
  4. We’ll endeavour to publish more (quality) content.
  5. We’re working on/ developing a game-changing promotional technology. Hold onto your hats, guys!
Unfortunately, I’ve run into a creative fog with respect to our Instagram content. Nothing (of note) has been published in over a week. 
And yet we still have 1,085 followers. No drop-offs. This is evidence that we do have a dedicated following! I think a thank you’ message is in order! Don’t you? 
Until next week!
Kindest Regards,
Ph: 0863794173
The Rising Tide Local Business Platform
Follow us on Instagram at @Rising_Tide_Dublin. Thanks! 

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Work Placement Success!

Work Placement Success!

Last year, The Rising Tide Local Business Platform & Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) conceptualised a novel project, whereby the Digital Marketing Students would be allocated one of the (Rising Tide) business members to promote, over a period of 60 hours, as part of their work experience curriculum.

Extra, extra! Read All About It!

Extra, extra! Read All About It!

It’s been a while since we updated you, our Constant Engagers…but the Entrepreneurial Journey is never easy!

We’ve had a few slings & arrows sent our way, since last December. We’re still tipping away, but, as you can gather not with the same freedom prior to December.

The Sumaki Sushi Six

The Sumaki Sushi Six!

We obtained the sixth business willing to take part in our novel & inspiring project, The Local Business Rising’ Project.

As you know this project will provide six students from The Marketing School at Inchicore College of Further Education (ICFE) to promote six Rising Tide businesses, forming part of the student’s Work Experience curriculum.