What a Beautiful….Car???!

Welcome back, ye Constant Engagers! 

Here’s your latest briefing on the actions, observations & results from last week’s promotions of Local Dublin Businesses…
I ate one of the most delicious, juicy, scrumptious burgers I’ve ever had! No joke! The Bacon Quarter Pounder with Cheese from United Eats (off the Greenhills Road) was something to behold…Thanks, Angie!!! 
Last week saw the slow progression on a number of design projects we are running. We are presently working on designs for D18 Restaurant, Mean Clean Car Valeting Service & our very own next Rising Tide flyers. 
Stay patient, folks!
We are also revamping the I Monelli website. All projects are moving not to my liking (speed wise), but they are moving! 
We received another nice testimonial that our efforts are bringing in orders to United Eats. Boom! 
There was plenty of opportunities to take some interesting photos of random occurrences as I did my deliveries across the City, last week. It’s not everyday you see a heron standing proudly on a BMW Convertible, for instance! 
And finally, we’ll be starting a new & interesting collaboration with another language school. The wheels are in motion for internships to be established with The Rising Tide Local Business Platform very soon. Watch this space! 
We’re always working. Always promoting. Always evolving. Thanks for coming along for the ride! 
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Until next week.
Kindest Regards,
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The Rising Tide Local Business Platform

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